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Australia Post is the national postal service provider of Australia, with a rich history dating back to 1809. Offering a comprehensive range of postal, parcel, and retail services, Australia Post connects Australians through its vast network of post offices and reliable delivery solutions.

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We had the privilege of partnering with Australia Post to produce a series of videos for their highly anticipated Annual E-Commerce Report in 2022. As part of this collaboration, we had the opportunity to interview several notable businesses, each representing a unique sector of the e-commerce industry.

Elite Eleven

One of the featured interviews was with Elite Eleven, a prominent sportswear brand. Through this engaging conversation, we delved into their success story, exploring their innovative approach to designing and delivering high-performance athletic apparel.

Another captivating interview was with Melbourne Bushfood, a boutique Australian plant and fruit business. This segment highlighted their commitment to sustainability and the promotion of native Australian flavours, showcasing the remarkable diversity and richness of our local ecosystem.

Shhh Silk, a renowned bedware brand, was also among the businesses we had the pleasure of interviewing. This particular discussion delved into their luxurious and ethically sourced silk products, unveiling the brand’s dedication to providing ultimate comfort and quality in the realm of sleep and relaxation.

Lastly, we had the privilege of featuring Sisterworks, a charity-run business that empowers migrant and refugee women through employment opportunities. Through this inspiring interview, we shed light on the incredible work Sisterworks does, fostering a sense of community and supporting the talents and skills of these resilient individuals.

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