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Refreshingly healthy till the very last drop.

Sorted. redefines the soft drink experience. With innovative flavours and functional ingredients, their beverages offer a refreshing and invigorating twist. Packed with premium ingredients, Sorted. provides hydration and vitality in every sip. Discover a new way to enjoy refreshment and live a sorted life!


We thoroughly enjoyed working with Sam for our first big media video ad production. The team’s very adaptable, which helped us refine the execution. Despite us giving them multiple rounds of feedback they’ve delivered on an exceptional final product.

Harry Sekhon
Marketing Chief – Sorted. By the Good Seed.

What we do.

We had the pleasure of producing a captivating video advertisement for Sorted that played across YouTube & 7Mate, featuring two iconic stars of Married at First Sight, Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson.

This engaging and creative shoot was a resounding success, showcasing their chemistry and injecting humour with the appearance of a comical drop bear. We invite you to check out the video below and experience the delightful blend of entertainment and promotion that we captured during this production.

In addition to the video advertisement, we had the opportunity to create captivating photography for branding purposes, featuring the charismatic Married at First Sight stars, Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson.

Through our creative lens, we captured striking images that perfectly represented the essence of the brand and its association with these popular personalities. The resulting photography showcased their charm and allure, further enhancing the brand’s visual identity.

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