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The Korin Gamadji Institute (KGI) is a dynamic organization dedicated to empowering and inspiring young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia. Through innovative programs and partnerships, KGI fosters leadership, education, and cultural pride, creating pathways to success for Indigenous youth.


We absolutely love working with the On Point Digital Solutions team. Their exceptional video production capabilities are always tailored to the work we’re doing at KGI, and their understanding of indigenous culture only enhanced the professionalism of our latest campaign “Dream Big”.

Angela Burt
Director Indigenous Leadership – Korin Gamadji Institute

Dream Big.

The Dream Big Campaign by the Korin Gamadji Institute (KGI) empowers young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals to pursue their dreams and achieve greatness. Through mentorship, scholarships, and resources, the campaign aims to break down barriers and create a more inclusive society that supports Indigenous youth in reaching their full potential.

In collaboration with the esteemed Richmond Football Club, we had the privilege of shooting videos featuring Marlion Pickett and Shai Bolton, prominent stars of the club. These videos showcased their personal journeys, highlighting their determination, resilience, and commitment to reaching their dreams. By sharing their stories, the campaign aimed to inspire and motivate young Indigenous individuals to believe in themselves and pursue their aspirations.

Additionally, we produced a series of informative and engaging videos focused on promoting healthy living among young Indigenous children. These videos provided valuable guidance on exercises and food habits, fostering a culture of wellness and wellbeing within the community. The intention was to instill positive habits from a young age, empowering children to prioritize their physical and mental health and dream big about their futures.

In addition to the video content, we also crafted compelling animation and visually striking posters to enhance the impact of the Dream Big Campaign. These designs served as engaging visual assets, effectively conveying messages of empowerment and ambition to inspire young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals to dream big and reach their goals.

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