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New York Minute

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The New York Minute philosophy is simple; Providing fresh, unique and consistently excellent products to our customers underwrites everything we do, and everything we are. That’s why we wake up every day to source the highest quality ingredients, hire friendly, motivated and well trained staff, and provide our customers with a taste of New York City right on their doorsteps.


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After engaging the services of multiple Advertising companies over the years I never quite realised how blessed I was when I stumbled across two young men outside one of my establishments having lunch. As you do I made enquires as to how lunch was. From there the natural progression was how did they come across us etc and what they do professionally.

Reluctantly one of the lads said advertising, in fact we were just putting to bed the closing pieces of a campaign for one of your competitors. Inquisitively I began asking questions to feel out a first impression. Within a very short space of time it was clearly evident to me I was chatting with a couple of very switched on, in fact cutting edge young men.

The timing could not have been any better as I was currently in deliberations with a couple of advertising firms, immediately I could see that this is exactly what my company needed. A couple of digital marketing black belts - A one stop shop for all my Advertising/Marketing/PR needs etc. One of my fondest takeaways from the chat was and I quote “if we can’t add value we won’t take on the client” - “ we want to be accountable” That is a very rare commodity.

Sometimes in life you stumble across jewels in the great maze of life - I would go so far as to say that sometimes you are blessed and stumble across a really big diamond
Antony Crowther
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With offering such a comprehensive suite of services for New York Minute, it’s challenging to surmise our brief into anything shy of 500 words. In saying that, we’ll try. 

Our goal is to be an irreplaceable asset to this company, to make money for them across their digital platforms and continually strive to improve the business. Thankfully, our incredible client (and CEO) Antony reminds us weekly of his gratitude and for us, it’s magic. 

This is a business that we expect to continually grow. The sustainability and progression of this business is thriving with his highly intellectual, progressive and compassionate Business Owner, Client and now, friend, at it’s helm. 

Our goal was to increase the individual store revenue across the board and to increase digital exposure across all platforms.  We also spend ample time bringing forward new ideas and digital marketing streams for the business. We’re happy to say that we have significantly increased the company’s performance, on all key metrics, including revenue. 






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