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36 delicious ice cream flavours

Dairy Bell ice creameries have been apart of the Australian cultural landscape since the 1970’s. Generations of Aussie kids have grown up begging their parents for a Dairy Bell ice cream and Dairy Bell has always been there to delight and satisfy them. Now decades on, we’re here with a whole new opportunity to thrill people everywhere with the perfect dessert to meal or a delicious anytime treat to share with friends and family.


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We have been working with the team from OP Digital Solutions for many years now and it's always a wonderful and enjoyable experience! Our new website is a true reflection of our brand and we couldn't be prouder!
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The new website needs to be leveraged as both a franchise lead generator and also showcase the quality of the product whilst giving future customers insights on where their closest Dairy Bell store is. It’s super important to draw into the Dairy Bell history, but also speak with conviction about the future ahead for the business. 

The goal of the website is to be able to clearly communicate the value of owning a Dairy Bell franchise and the support that franchisees receive once they become part of the Dairy Bell family. The website will also be leveraged to accumulate potential employees which will be super beneficial to individual franchise owners. For potential customers looking for a Dairy Bell, the website will need to have a functioning store locator where users can locate their nearest store nice and easy. Finally, the website will need to outline the expansive range of products that Dairy Bell sells, from ice cream to loaded brownies, to donuts to smoothies, as well as explaining the prices and ingredients.






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