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nothing great ever happened overnight.

In July 1941, Carl Karcher and his wife, Margaret, began with a hot dog cart and a dream. By 1956, the hot dog cart had become Carl’s Jr. Today, Carl’s Jr. is one of the largest burger brands in the world, with over 3,800 restaurants in over 42 countries.


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I have really enjoyed working with the team at OP to take our marketing to the next level!
Stefan Veljanoski
Marketing Coordinator


Our goal as an agency is to be a one-stop shop for Carl’s Jr. Australia. In the past, Carl’s Jr. Australia has dealt with multiple different agencies at one time, which can be challenging. At OP Digital Solutions, we pride ourselves on being agile which is what is required when dealing with a big brand like Carl’s Jr. Australia. We are looking to take the Carl’s Jr. creative to another level and educate customers about the high quality of the Carl’s Jr. brand through targeted and thoughtful paid social media ads.

Our goal is to educate potential customers who haven’t heard about Carl’s Jr. and let them know what the brand is all about. Over time, we aim to increase store sales across all the Carl’s Jr. Australia stores. We are looking to take the paid ads for Carl’s Jr. to another level, through highly impressive social content and a refined digital strategy. In doing this, our goal is to be an irreplaceable asset to the Carl’s Jr. business.


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