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We now live in the social media age. As such, it seems that the role of a social media management company is more vital now more than ever. Everyone uses social media as an avenue to share their day-to-day lives. People also use it to communicate to ultimately bridge the gap brought about by time zones and incredible distances.

Companies and other businesses also use social media to cover more ground. It does provide an effective means to reach more audiences that traditional media is unable to do. Social media has become an ingenious way to promote products and services. Even corporate social responsibilities and other advocacies are given more attention through its use.

Admit it or not, social media is an essential tool to help everyone get by. Whether used personally or business-wise, social media is here to stay. With this said, people need to capitalise on what they can get out of it. This is where the expertise of a social media management company comes in.

What does a social media management company do?

A social media management company pretty much covers everything that concerns social media in general. As per Dream Grow, social media companies and its managers are experts but not only limited to these services and social media facets:

  • Social media advertising
  • Social media campaign
  • Creation of various social media strategies
  • Social media strategies implementation
  • Content creation
  • Social media monitoring

Also, according to Web FX, a social media management company MUSt be an expert in utilising the following social media platforms:


With its approximately one billion daily users, it is no surprise that Facebook is widely used. Over the years, social media practitioners have devised many strategies to reach more of their target audience through Facebook. Also, almost all demographics belonging to any age group, social status, etc. can be found on this social media giant.


With approximately 330 million users, Twitter has steadily become a viable market place and a lead generating platform. In particular, it is an effective platform to use in targeting those between the ages of 18 and 29.


Instagram is widely popular especially to mostly those who are between the ages of 18 and 49. It is also widely used by those who are into retail, entertainment and beauty businesses. This is primarily because it provides them a platform to visually showcase their products and services to their highly engaged and invested followers. 


LinkedIn is a niche platform. Unlike the first three mentioned, LinkedIn mainly caters to professionals (obviously an entirely different demographic). This platform is mainly used to offer professional and business services, networking, as well as executive-level recruitment.


As the first four mainly capitalise on imagery and captivating text, Youtube is all about the moving visuals. It is a powerful and income generating platform, if you know how to use it well. A social media marketing company should know the ins and outs of Youtube, particularly its strict guidelines. After knowing all of its rules, Youtube can literally become your online channel.


Same as LinkedIn, Pinterest may be considered a niche platform as well. Why? According to study, 40 percent of Pinterest users are females with only 16 percent men. Of course, Pinterest is not a female-only social media platform. However, if your target audience are women between the ages of 18 and 49, you may want to take advantage of it.

Importance of a social media management company

Such companies are effectively able to help you and your business exponentially grow your social media branding and coverage. Through the use of such companies, they are able to formulate effective marketing strategies to engage, captivate and persuade your target audience. Social media companies also help you to get them to stay loyal.

Also, according to The Social Savior, these companies significantly aid with leads generation initiatives to attract new customers. Such new leads are acquired through well-planned and thought-out social media campaigns and social media advertising projects. These experts also promote good company/corporate image for better representation and overall credibility.

Choosing the BEST Social Media Management Company

With On Point Digital Solutions, we are a collective of Web Designers, Developers, SEO Gurus, Social Media Ninjas, and Graphic Designers, located in Melbourne. It’s our pleasure to transform ideas and concepts into websites that make people money.

We aren’t just about creating highly visual websitesgreat user experience. All of our sites are designed to gain traction on Google. We also provide specialist SEO as a service, which a large portion of our clients agree to because of our industry experience and highly impressive results.

As a boutique web development and design company Melbourne produced, we’re known to our clients as being down to earth and highly transparent. Once our sites are built, our service doesn’t end there. We have a constant monthly maintenance presence following the build. Doing so helps to ensure that we are there to answer any questions and to resolve any issues that may arise.

Aside from our trademark services: Web Development, Social Media Management & Search Engine Optimisation, we also provide site-speed optimisation and web hosting services for our clients. Our managed hosting service allows us to ensure that your website is operating at peak performance. This is whilst we concurrently provide a great user experience for your customers even after your website has gone live.

We don’t have any nasty lock-in contracts for any of our services. It seems that contracts are becoming a norm in the digital advertising industry. However, we’re avid believers that our results should do the talking, so we never lock anyone in on any contracts.

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