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Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne: Types of Services & Its Qualities

A digital marketing agency in Melbourne has been producing good results for quite some time now. Since the proliferation of digital agencies several years ago, companies have realized the role their websites have for the business. Websites for this matter, have evolved from simply conveying the company’s services to actual lead generation machines.

Of course, a website’s capacity to be an effective lead generation tool won’t be possible without the expertise of a digital marketing company. Needless to say, they are responsible for turning websites from simple works of art to an ally in overall company profitability. 

To make this feat possible, digital marketing experts will throw in words like digital marketing, search engine optimization, page ranking, social media marketing, and many more. For some these words may make them turn away for sounding complicated and intimidating. However, that’s not the case at all. 

Here, let’s uncover some interesting details about digital marketing to have a firmer grasp of the trade. This way, no one gets lost in translation. Everyone gets to be on board with digital marketing initiatives. When this happens, a collaboration between the company and digital marketing experts becomes seamless and beneficial.

Let’s go back to basics, shall we?

Digital marketing defined 

Digital marketing refers to marketing initiatives that take advantage of online media via the internet. Simply put, digital marketing is any activity aimed to direct potential customers or leads through the assistance of online tools such as websites, social media accounts, and many more. 

A digital marketing agency in Melbourne is then tasked to pull all stops for these initiatives and activities to take off effectively and efficiently. As the initiatives improve with close and in-depth monitoring, their hard work shall be translated through an increased number of website visitors, better search engine ranking, heightened social media interactions, and more.

Different types of digital marketing c/o a digital marketing agency in Melbourne 

Here are different digital marketing types that experts in the field lodge to achieve success. Whatever the requirement is, digital marketing experts may focus on one or two types for a more targeted result. On the other hand, they may also lodge all digital marketing types for a comprehensive and more robust outcome.

Social Media Marketing 

Before anything, take a look at these figures below. This is to have a better understanding of the implication of social media accounts/platforms in businesses at present:

– People spend a significant amount of time on social media platforms. This begins the moment they wake up. In fact, studies show that 1/7th of people browse through their social media accounts first thing in the morning.

– An estimated 5.11 billion people all over the world have mobile phones. Out of this number, 3.26 Billion have access to social media through their handheld devices.

– These 3.26 Billion social media users spend an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes on their social media accounts per day.

– Social media users have at least 8 social media accounts.

What do these figures impart? How are these figures relevant in digital marketing? Well, it is glaring that social media is an extremely powerful tool to reach out and connect to potential customers. Social media accounts become an online representative of the brand or business. 

Even better, it lets potential customers reach out in real-time. Since social media platforms encourage interaction, introduction to products and services becomes convenient, quick, and efficient. It also does not cost anything to get started. Costs and fees start rolling if a business owner decides to go for a more focused social media approach.

Influencer Marketing 

With the extensive use of social media comes the proliferation of social media influencers. These individuals are not only the usual celebrities. They can be ordinary people who happen to have a good social media presence and following. Businesses can partner with these influencers to promote their products and services.

Negotiations take place between the influencer and the company. Sometimes, the fees depend on the number of posts made by the influencer. Other influencers may also ask for a percentage of the company sales. It all depends on the arrangements. The point is, sometimes using the services of social media influencers is regarded as more cost-effective but highly dependable.

Email Marketing 

About 60 percent of consumers reveal that the business or promotional emails they receive play a part in their purchasing behavior. Therefore, marketing through email is just as essential as other forms of digital marketing. Email marketing requires precision in terms of word usage, word counts, and infographics. 

The right words have to be used to capture the attention of a company’s target audience. They have to mirror the way their target audience communicates. Companies have to do extensive research on colloquial and other specific terms used by certain targeted demographics.

A lot of words used may tune people out. As such, EDMs have to be straight to the point, catchy, thought-provoking, and imaginative. Use words that would instantly play with people’s minds by imagining the ultimate benefits they get after buying the product or subscribing to the advertised services.  

The plain and boring email content is useless. Unless this is the type of infographics a certain demographic chooses to see, the majority prefer lively infographics with the right balance of images, words, colors, fonts, and how everything is laid out collectively. An excellent digital marketing agency in Melbourne definitely knows how to make this work.

Content Marketing 

These are the most common contents that a company’s marketing team can utilize:

– Videos

– Podcast

– Blogs

– White paper

– Case studies

– Newsletter

– Press release

These types of contents must address the stages of purchasing or formulation of consumers’ purchasing behavior:

– Awareness phase when potential customers finally realize they have a need for a specific product or service.

– Consideration phase when potential customers actively consider subscribing to a service or purchasing the advertised product after realizing that they have a need for it.

– Decision-making stage is when the potential customers decide to purchase or subscribe after careful consideration.

Ideally, content marketing’s goal is to successfully rocket through the decision-making stage. Therefore, the content (whatever form) should immediately convey the benefits, tickle the target market’s fancy, and inculcate that the product/service is what they ultimately need. Of course, it goes without saying that the advertised product or service should live up to the promised intended results.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization 

A website is useless if it can’t be seen by potential customers to bluntly put it. Websites are designed intricately and beautifully for potential customers to see. The website’s incredible functionality is intended to be used by site visitors. If no one has access to it, all efforts are wasted.

So how can a website be visible to everyone? Well, it is through SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This has been perhaps brought up several times. However, is it appreciated altogether? Is there enough knowledge acquired to see the benefits SEO can bring? If not, then it is time to reach out to a digital marketing agency in Melbourne. They can definitely explain everything in detail.

Top characteristics of a good (even exceptional) digital marketing agency 

It is obvious that a digital marketing agency is one of the most formidable allies to gain company profitability. These agencies can definitely help the business achieve its target. However, choosing the right agency to partner with may be daunting as originally perceived. With the many agencies out there, how can one choose the best?

Here are some qualities or items to watch out for:

An awesome website 

Digital marketing agencies MUST practice what they preach. As such, they need to have their websites fully functional, user-friendly, up-to-date, and captivating. They know how crucial the role of their website is, therefore, all components to an excellent website must be manifested on theirs. 

An exceptional team 

Well, many would say it takes a village to run an awesome team. To some degree, this may be true. However, know that some companies have a lean organization where everyone works in synchronicity and harmony. An exceptional team doesn’t mean it has to have hundreds of members. It means everyone (regardless of headcount) is experts in their line of work who seamlessly coordinate and collaborate with the rest for optimum results.

An incredible level of expertise 

There is a myriad of tools that digital marketing agencies use to achieve desired results. In that, they have to be experts in using such tools. Here are just some of the tools they need expertise on:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization 

– Google Analytics

– Moz

– Hubspot

Inbound Marketing 

– Hubspot 

– Marketo

Social Media Analytics 

– Sprout Social

– Hubspot

Email Marketing 

– Hubspot

– Mailchimp

– Constant Contact


– Salesforce

– Hubspot

These are just some of the tools they use. As the demand for digital marketing increased over the years, these aforementioned tools were developed to streamline the means to achieve the demanded results. In years to come, it is foreseen that more tools will be developed to further enhance the performance and viability of a digital marketing agency in Melbourne.

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